muddy memoirs

The Muddy Memoirs – No Patch Too Small

October 23, 2016 liam 1

The Muddy Memoirs – No Patch Too Small As children we were always encouraged to tend our own little plot in the garden. This was common practice in those days but I’m sure that it was only to keep us little rug rats out of the way while mum and […]

How To Make Leaf Mould

How To Make Leaf Mould

October 16, 2016 liam 4

Leaf mould may take a long time to decompose but its well worth the effort. This fine grained humus makes an excellent medium to add to your soil and much more from mulching to starting seeds.

creature chronicles

Creepy Creature Chronicles

October 9, 2016 liam 0

The Creepy Creature Chronicles is a growing collection of bugs, insects and creatures from bees to butterflies, snails to spiders and many more.

Growing Aloe vera

October 2, 2016 liam 0

A short simple guide on growing Aloe vera, and a look into the usefulness of our little prickly friend, from treating burns to boosting the immune system.