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Chickweed and Canaries

January 15, 2017 liam 1

Canaries love this cool season plant that can be found thriving in the countryside and you never know what else you might find rummaging through the foliage.

Calamondin Bars

Rustic Recipe-Calamondin Bars

January 8, 2017 liam 1

This simple recipe will tantalize the taste bubs and leave you craving for more. Just simply squeeze those citrus fruits and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Happy New Year

Thoughts for the New Year

January 1, 2017 liam 2

As the New Year grows closer, I would like to end this festive period with some final thoughts to consider in the new growing season. I know that you are all itching to get out there and some are already preparing the patches and anxiously anticipating what to plant at allotment.