Rustic Recipe – Spiced Vinegar

February 26, 2017 liam 1

Spiced Vinegar (Sinamak) The inspiration for this subtle yet versatile recipe came from my travels to the Philippines. This brightly coloured bottle is bursting with flovours and makes a great condiment for any curious kitchen. It is famously found in the backstreet barbecue chicken houses, which are all so popular […]

Give Bees A Chance

February 19, 2017 liam 0

The destruction of bee’s natural habitat is becoming a global problem due to the overuse of pesticides. Here are some ideas that can help our fuzzy little friends from our own gardens.

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

February 12, 2017 liam 3

If you hate wasting food and throwing away valuable materials, think twice before you throw away those old bananas. There are many ways you can use up the fruit and also the peels from making a simple jam to potassium rich fertilizers. With a little ingenuity and patience you can create some very useful products of your own.

Leave No Waste

The Leave No Waste Philosophy

February 5, 2017 liam 1

Leave No Waste looks at some simple ideas from around the garden for a better tomorrow. Utilizing things that we often throw away or overlook to save money and help the environment.