5 Ways to Use Old Bananas

old bananas

5 Ways to Use Old Bananas

Old Bananas are not Waste

If you hate wasting food and throwing away valuable materials, think twice before you throw away those old bananas. There are many ways you can use up the fruit and also the peels from making a simple jam to potassium-rich fertilizers. With a little ingenuity and patience, you can create some very useful products of your own. Here are 5 ways to use old bananas;

1.Banana Jam

old bananas
This banana jam was made with leftover bananas and sugar with a squeeze of lime.

Banana Jam is a simple recipe that brings back a sense of modesty to the kitchen and will soon become a family favourite. This easy-to-grab goody can be piled on crackers, paired with pancakes or even tipped onto toast. Whether you use store bought bananas or grow your own, they can often be left in the bowl or accidentally forgotten. The quick ripening and bruising often result in the bananas being thrown away. Bananas are a great source of potassium and preserving them in the form of jam means that they will last weeks longer. So, if you hate seeing food go to waste, banana jam offers a great alternative. Banana jam makes a high energy snack that is great before workouts or for people on the move.

2.Bird Feeder

old bananas
For this bird feeder, I used an old length of rope anchored over a branch to make a simple pulley and tied a knot with a loop to hang the food on. Then an old twig from the garden was used to make a simple perch.

Birds absolutely love bananas and making a simple bird feeder from recycled materials is a great way to attract them. Its a wonderful feeling to be at one with nature and give a little back. Some birds are even responsible for weed control and pollination of certain plants. They also play a small part in pest control and add to the ambience of the garden environment.

3.Banana Compost Tea

old bananas
This old paint bucket makes a great container to make a compost tea. Add all the banana peels and fill with water, then leave to steep for 3-4 days stirring occasionally with a stick.

Banana peel makes an excellent compost tea that is rich in minerals and nutrients that your hungry plants yearn for. The process of creating compost tea also encourages the growth of microorganisms that are beneficial to the soil quality and they even help to deter bugs. Applied directly to the soil it will promote the production of flowers and fruits. Sprayed on the leaves it will help to deter aphids. Here is a short list of plants that love potassium;

4. General Purpose Fertilizer (banana peel)

old bananas
To make an instant fertilizer blend the eggshells or used coffee grounds together with your dried banana peel. This medium can then be applied to your soil or added to your containers as a general purpose fertilizer.

Dried banana peels make a great general purpose fertilizer when paired with ground eggshells or used coffee grounds. Banana peel contains manganese, a nutrient involved in photosynthesis, magnesium which plays a part in the production of chlorophyll and calcium, essential in the absorption of nitrogen. Eggshells contain phosphorus and other micronutrients responsible for plant health.

5. Pot Fillers (dried banana peel)

old bananas
To make this pot filler simple dry the banana peels and chop them down into 1-2 inch pieces. They can also be paired with a layer of brown leaves to add other slow release nutrients.

The basic idea behind pot fillers is to help not only create drainage but to create air flow around the roots. As the natural material gradually breaks down it will help retain moisture and provide slow release nutrients to the soil. Using a pot filler also helps to reduce the weight of the pot or container and cut down on the amount of soil used.

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  • I love your blogs and ideas! Are coffee grounds ok to use in garden, I thought I read somewhere they are not good for plants.

    • Used coffee grounds are good to use in the worm farm and nitrogen loving plants like citrus. I use small amounts in my soil medium when fertilizing lemon and lime trees.