About Me

Hi, I’m Liam James and welcome to my site. I have based my talking points on my favourite hobby gardening. I just felt that it was time to share my passion and record all the things that i do.


My first step into the gardening world!

This is a collection of tips, stories, guides and recipes that I have picked up over the years, throughout my own travels and experiences. Join me on my journey and maybe even share some of your own stories, and let’s enjoy this gift of nature together.

My Story

It all started in a small garden greenhouse in an almost forgotten town in the North-East of England. Allotment and pigeon sheds once littered the landscape and across the town the flower trade bloomed. Pansies and petunia, tulips and tomatoes, chrysanthemums and calendula. Bulbs and blossoms flowed out of every garden.

Gardens were a summer sanctuary where the fruits of the greenhouse labour could be flaunted. It didn’t matter what the house looked like on the inside, passers by could enjoy the illumination of colour and an array of perennials, almost like early Christmas lights.

Gradually the garden age started to die. As times changed the town began to turn grey. Hanging baskets slowly changed into spotlights and borders became gravel. Modern gardens replaced what we once knew as our heritage. There was nothing like walking past a garden and seeing an elderly gentleman on his knees cutting the edges of the grass with the kitchen scissors or children with blue fingers picking brambles so they could eat their grandmother’s famous blackberry pie.

me spraying garden
Helping out in my aunt’s garden.


me cutting garden
Classic method for cutting the edges of the grass. (Mum’s kitchen scissors)

These days I spend most of my free time in my garden marcotting and mulching, composting and cutting, learning new tricks and eating my way through delicious delicacies that nature provides in return for my endless endeavors.

gardening soil
Some of my latest work.

Citrus trees are by far my favourite fruit to grow, from calamondin oranges to lemons. I will grow and multiply any tree I can lay my hands on.

All of my stories are based on my personal experiences and the shared experiences of people who follow the same dream. I have included stories that people love to share about gardeners past and present.

If you would like to share your stories feel free to contact me by email: soilydreams@gmail.com


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