Tree Stump Tales

Consumers to Producers

April 2, 2017 liam 7

Consumers to Producers It seems that we have inadvertently slipped into the trap of becoming consumers instead of producers. As consumers, we rely heavily on pretty packaging to bring a lot of products to a strategically placed shelf, specifically designed to milk our finances. Our own laziness and lack of […]


Garlic and Basil Spray

March 26, 2017 liam 4

¬†Garlic and Basil Spray In my imagination, the air above the garden is a busy highway of bugs and pests. Above our hectic lives and calming gardens, they’re just cruising around on the lookout for something delicious to eat. Whether it be your favourite flowers or that very special vegetable […]


Thoughts for Spring

March 19, 2017 liam 0

With Spring just around the corner, its a great time to think about those crucial chores and exciting new projects to start in the new growing season.

Tree Stump Tales

Keeping My Garden Natural

March 12, 2017 liam 4

Keeping my garden as natural as possible means that I am constantly looking for new ways to use old things that are abundant around me.


Moringa Oliefera

March 5, 2017 liam 2

Moringa Oleifera has been widely cultivated for thousands of years due to its rapid growth and many health benefits. The high content of essential vitamins like calcium, potassium, vitamins A ans C, iron and magnesium, make the tiny leaves enormously nutritious.


Rustic Recipe – Spiced Vinegar

February 26, 2017 liam 1

Spiced Vinegar (Sinamak) The inspiration for this subtle yet versatile recipe came from my travels to the Philippines. This brightly coloured bottle is bursting with flovours and makes a great condiment for any curious kitchen. It is famously found in the backstreet barbecue chicken houses, which are all so popular […]

Give Bees A Chance

February 19, 2017 liam 0

The destruction of bee’s natural habitat is becoming a global problem due to the overuse of pesticides. Here are some ideas that can help our fuzzy little friends from our own gardens.

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

February 12, 2017 liam 3

If you hate wasting food and throwing away valuable materials, think twice before you throw away those old bananas. There are many ways you can use up the fruit and also the peels from making a simple jam to potassium rich fertilizers. With a little ingenuity and patience you can create some very useful products of your own.

Leave No Waste

The Leave No Waste Philosophy

February 5, 2017 liam 1

Leave No Waste looks at some simple ideas from around the garden for a better tomorrow. Utilizing things that we often throw away or overlook to save money and help the environment.

Happy New Year

Thoughts for the New Year

January 1, 2017 liam 2

As the New Year grows closer, I would like to end this festive period with some final thoughts to consider in the new growing season. I know that you are all itching to get out there and some are already preparing the patches and anxiously anticipating what to plant at allotment.

sweet potato slips

Growing Sweet Potatoes

December 11, 2016 liam 2

Growing sweet potatoes doesn’t have to be difficult. We look into some simple methods of sprouting slips,propagation and fertilization.

Marcotting Citrus Trees

Marcotting Citrus Trees

November 20, 2016 liam 2

This method of plant propagation strips away the complexity of marcotting citrus trees and ensures great results for everyone.

muddy memoirs

Preserving Precious Knowledge

November 13, 2016 liam 0

A close look into the past on how preserving precious knowledge can benefit gardens and improve skill sets along with keeping memories alive.

banana tree compost

Making Banana Tree Compost

November 6, 2016 liam 3

We look at the benefits of banana tree compost and how to make it yourself along with variations and additives for all your gardening needs.

muddy memoirs

The Muddy Memoirs – No Patch Too Small

October 23, 2016 liam 1

The Muddy Memoirs – No Patch Too Small As children we were always encouraged to tend our own little plot in the garden. This was common practice in those days but I’m sure that it was only to keep us little rug rats out of the way while mum and […]

How To Make Leaf Mould

How To Make Leaf Mould

October 16, 2016 liam 4

Leaf mould may take a long time to decompose but its well worth the effort. This fine grained humus makes an excellent medium to add to your soil and much more from mulching to starting seeds.