Creepy Creature Chronicles

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Creepy Creature Chronicles

Bugs and Butterflies, Slugs and Spiders, Creatures and Crawlers.


The shell of something that once was.

The Creepy Creature Chronicles is a collection of bugs, insects and other creatures found in the garden.

As I spend a lot of time in the garden I often come across many weird and wonderful creatures. I am always excited when I see the shell of something that I can only explain as alien stuck to a tree while as its innards have departed as something else. I never tire from observing my plants and checking under leaves to see what creepy critters I can find. I often wonder what they are thinking as they stare back at me, motionless, as I try to take a picture without scaring them away.

For me, one of the exciting parts is the obscurity of the position in which the creatures decide to live, whether it be on the bark of the tree in full sunlight or the brake lever of my motorcycle. (maybe they were just tired and this was a comfortable bed with a nice breeze).

I am truly amazed at the colors and camouflage of such tiny beings that we tend to brush away and overlook in our busy life schedules. It’s always nice to come across these inanimate insects and admire their complexity.

This is simply a collection of weird and wonderful creatures that I have come across throughout my time in the garden. I hope that you enjoy this gift of nature.


More to come…