Tree Stump Tales-Getting Help From The Community

tree stump tales

Tree Stump Tales

Getting Help From The Community

Finding things you need for your garden doesn’t have to be costly of difficult. Simply asking your friends and colleagues or even local businesses can get you what you want. Expensive feeds and fancy fertilizers often contain chemicals and other compounds that are far from organic when in truth, the most essential and effective nutrients are right at our disposal. Literally, we dispose of some of the most valuable materials on a daily basis, whether it be coffee grounds or egg shells. These overlooked materials are abundant in our consumerist communities and they hold so much more value to just be thrown away.


Eggshells contain sufficient amounts of phosphorus and calcium which are essential to the health and well being of plants. Most of my eggshells come from the community. After asking around I found a local restaurant that was willing to comply with my suggestion of keeping the shells for me, the only terms were that I gave them the bags and I picked up the eggshells on a monthly basis. As I like to eat at this restaurant on occasion the arrangement naturally works well for both parties and to think that these valuable additives are just thrown away.

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds contribute great amounts of nitrogen to the soil when composted.

A friend of mine loves to drink brewed coffee and she keeps the filters everyday and gives them to me on our weekly meet when we trade secrets and cracking inside jokes about what we have been up to in the greenhouse. In return I give her samples of produce and things that I have collected from the garden.

Putting It All Into Use

I like to use eggshells and used coffee grounds in my worm farm and to make a quick fertilizer for heavy feeders like citrus trees. They also make a great additive to the compost pile as they decompose quickly once they have been pounded down.

I find that most people are more than happy to help and it’s always a great conversation starter. If someone asks ┬áme for a clipping or a plant, I always suggest a trade. I have acquired a lot of different donations this way from fresh manure to oregano. You never know what people prize behind that big fence and if you have something they want I think it’s a fair trade. The great thing is that you get something for free and you always have something to talk about.