EM Bacteria

EM Bacteria

April 23, 2017 liam 0

EM Bacteria What is EM Bacteria? EM Bacteria stands for effective microorganisms. There are three main types of bacteria that make up this probiotic formula, photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast. They are most commonly used to bring back the bacterial balance to depleted soils and to aid the […]

Give Bees A Chance

February 19, 2017 liam 0

The destruction of bee’s natural habitat is becoming a global problem due to the overuse of pesticides. Here are some ideas that can help our fuzzy little friends from our own gardens.

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

5 Uses for Bananas and Peels

February 12, 2017 liam 3

If you hate wasting food and throwing away valuable materials, think twice before you throw away those old bananas. There are many ways you can use up the fruit and also the peels from making a simple jam to potassium rich fertilizers. With a little ingenuity and patience you can create some very useful products of your own.

Calamondin Bars

Rustic Recipe-Calamondin Bars

January 8, 2017 liam 1

This simple recipe will tantalize the taste bubs and leave you craving for more. Just simply squeeze those citrus fruits and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

worm farming

The Wonderful World of Worm Farming

December 4, 2016 liam 0

The Wonderful World of Worm Farming The majority of worm farms can be quite complicated. Not only are they difficult to set up and require the use of power tools, they can be costly and high maintenance. There are many elaborate designs and techniques but lets remember, earthworms live in […]

How To Make Leaf Mould

How To Make Leaf Mould

October 16, 2016 liam 4

Leaf mould may take a long time to decompose but its well worth the effort. This fine grained humus makes an excellent medium to add to your soil and much more from mulching to starting seeds.


Growing Citrus Trees

September 18, 2016 liam 0

Citrus trees are an all round stunning shrub, from the fragrance of their frequent flowers to the tart taste and sharp zest of their fruit.