Kid’s Corner

Bringing Children Into the Garden

It’s said that education starts at home and what better way could we involve our children in the garden than giving them small responsibilities and progressive projects to get them on their way. Not only is this practice constructive, it also gets the creative juices flowing and most importantly it pulls them away from the wasteful world of computers and casters. Beyond this, precious memories are made and skill sets are developed. The bonding benefits, along with the careful care of living things are highly beneficial for the emotional and cognitive capabilities of our cherished children. The way that they see the world is highly influenced by our habits and practices. As adults, we are the role models of the younger generations and it is essential that our influences are correct. Simple acts like completing chores for that prized pocket money or helping out elderly neighbours can instill great morals, also creating and crafting, and using recycled materials speaks volumes to an inquisitive mind. Carefully constructed activities are fun for kids and they enhance the quality of the time that we spend together. Its almost like fabricating a 3D scrap book of  memories and experiences.

Growing up my brother and I had our list of chores to complete on a weekly basis, although we often cheated, at least it taught us to work together and that blaming each other wasn’t acceptable. We were never short of activities and crafts to do around the garden, and the satisfaction of seeing your own work  and being congratulated by your parents was almost as good as being paid pocket money.

This section will provide ideas, crafts and activities that are designed to bring children safely into the gardening world and maybe even intrigue their interests. At the very least it will help develop their skills and hopefully bring you closer together.