The Leave No Waste Philosophy

Leave No Waste

Leave No Waste

The ‘Leave No Waste’ philosophy looks into the idea of using everything with little or nothing to throw away. We already know that kitchen scraps can be composted or fed to the worms but I believe strongly that we can do a lot more than that with a little creativity and more effort. The internet is plagued with new innovations and intricate items all cleverly marketed and designed to milk away the pennies. Are these products always necessary? Do we really need to encourage the production of preservatives and plastics? After all, nonbiodegradeble materials take years to disperse, trap animals, promote pollution and look generally unsightly. Most of the shortcuts that we take often have a knock-on effect somewhere down the line. Although we are not personally affected directly, our trash trails inevitably cause problems for other people, animals and the environment through pollution and an overabundance of waste. Our extravagant eating habits mean that we now look for attractive man made foods rather than what is good for us, often leaving more waste. Imagine how much good food is thrown away by supermarkets and consumers because it simply doesn’t look appealing. We should also take time to think about the natural products that we often overlook and throw out as it is seen as an inconvenience.

Here are some simple ideas.

Eggshell Seed Starters

Eggshell Seed Starters
Store bought bell peppers growing in eggshells. Nearly ready to plant

Eggshells can be used to plant seeds and the great thing is that they can be place directly into the soil when the seed is ready. The shell will also act as a fertilizer as it slowly breaks down into the earth.

Leftover Jam

Using the leftover fruit to make jam means that you can keep it in a refrigerator for weeks instead of throwing it away. Most of the peels and skins can be composted.

Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups
Some simple uses for old coffee cups.

Coffee cups can be used to make labels, plant food in and make a mini incubators for starting seeds plus much more.

Pickling and Spiced Vinegar

Spiced Vineger
All made from leftover garlic, ginger and chili. All the bottles are also reused. The one on the left is nearly 6 years old. No waste, just taste.


Garlic, ginger, chili and most left over vegetables can be pickled or used to make a spiced vinegar that can be kept for years.

Egg Tray

Egg Tray Deterrent
Egg trays simply stop animals like cats squatting in your fresh border without harming the animal or the environment.

Paper egg trays can be used to keep cats off borders and they also make great seed starters. They will break down gradually and add carbon to the soil.


Join in on our philosophy ‘Leave No Waste’ and post your ideas, innovations and methods in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Alan Hudson says:

    During wet periods of the year I save excess water in plastic milk and soft drink bottles to use in summer. The water comes from full water barrels and waste water from the kitchen.

  • Stevenmiz says:

    I love all your posts. You have done great job