Garlic and Basil Spray


 Garlic and Basil Spray

In my imagination, the air above the garden is a busy highway of bugs and pests. Above our hectic lives and calming gardens, they’re just cruising around on the lookout for something delicious to eat. Whether it be your favourite flowers or that very special vegetable that you have been waiting patiently for. It’s always annoying when you are planning how to eat that juicy veggie and just as you step outside to harvest it, some little fella with a full belly scuttles into the air without a care in the world, often leaving you frustrated with disbelief.

As I am not a fan of using chemicals, and strongly disagree with their production, I always look to nature’s own natural supermarket to see what I can find on the overabundant shelves of mother nature. Everything that we need has already been provided, it just takes that little bit more effort to find it.

My intention is never really to eradicate these cute but often annoying creatures. I prefer to just deter them from my precious garden, which by the way is far from glamorous. I just feel that it looks a lot better when it hasn’t been half eaten. It wouldn’t be nice if I went to the store and a massive hand slapped me off the face of the planet with some chemical concoction that nobody really knows the contents of.

Over the years I have spent many costly ventures looking for something that helps with these minor problems which can escalate so quickly. The information on the internet is overwhelming and you find yourself sat at a computer reading through mountains of articles trying to sell you something you don’t need, while the bugs have a banquet in your flower bed.

How I make my simple bug spray…

You will need;

  • A large bowl
  • A spray bottle
  • A sieve
  • A pestle and mortar
  • Garlic cloves
  • Basil leaves
  • And five minutes of your precious time.


  1. Take your pestle and mortar and pound the garlic and basil to release the aroma. A lumpy consistency is fine. (not quite a paste)
  2. Fill your bowl with water
  3. Add your garlic and basil
  4. Cover and leave overnight to infuse
  5. Use a sieve to separate the liquid
  6. Fill your spray bottle and use on the desired area.

*Remember, if you have heavy rain or leave it too long you will have to repeat this process as needed.

Other optional ingredients include;

  • Chili pepper
  • Mint
  • Soap

  • Johan Hendrik says:

    Thanks for your great tip. I used this recipe and added a small amount of washing up liquid to my mixture and it seems to be working a treat!

  • Frances Quinn says:

    Will this work on those pesky little gnats on my lemon trees?

    • I use this solution as a general deterrent. If the problem is more serious I use different measures such as, yellow sticky paper, Neem extracts or just simply spray the leaves with dish washing soap.

  • Wonderful! I have used the garlic/pepper soap on spot treatments/small plants and it worked!
    Will this work on nectarines and peaches? I have trees but so far have not been able to harvest any as they get diseased.
    I have been resisting the urge to get the chemical sprays. The “natural sprays I have looked at are to expensive to use on trees. I am determined to get a few fruits to ripen healthily next season!